Winter of 2015I love the winter and snow but this is getting a bit crazy. Since the blizzard that dumped about 3 feet of snow, we’ve gotten at least 2 more feet since then and now they are calling for 20 more inches of snow. Mother Nature isn’t messing around. No time for breathers here. Which reminds me, I should probably shovel the back deck since it hasn’t been touched since all this snow has fallen. At this point it’s almost like a terrible physics experiment to see how much weight it can handle. Snow is literally up to rails!

Our Saint Bernard, George, is savoring every snowflake. He wants to sit outside and roll around in the snow, even in bitter cold temperatures. Our Great Dane, Kane, however would rather stay nice and warm inside. If he could crawl into the fire he would. When it’s really cold at night he will actually take a few steps on to the doorstep and pee right there into the snow! Thus the inspiration for this comic.