A little while back I had asked my friend what her nursery theme was for her baby (who should be here any day now!) and she told me it was nautical-themed. I stewed about this for a while. I knew I wanted to make something handmade but just wasn’t sure what. Since I just started making signs, I figured – why not? I love vintage looking signs (and vintage in general) so I wanted it to have an old-world feel to it. I found the image of the crab thanks to the Graphics Fairy. There was originally supposed to be the year and city at the bottom but I decided to paint the bottom blue, which I actually like better.

This sign started with a cut from my Silhouette Cameo for a stencil but that didn’t really work since the font was pretty thin for the name and the paint peeled off as I was trying to take the stencil off. I then tried a mod-podge transfer…that didn’t work either since there was so much detail that I was trying to transfer and kept rubbing the image off accidentally. I finally decided to go old school and covered the back of the paper with pencil lead then transferred a copy onto the painted wood and painted everything by hand. This was done with a combination of really fine paintbrushes and also acrylic paint pens (which are awesome!). So after many hours, here is the final piece with the spray painted boat cleats. She received the sign today and loved it!
Marina Sign Marina Sign view 2