valentinesAre you ready for this weekend? I’m not. It’s supposed to be chillingly cold ALL weekend long, so my game plan is to stay under the covers with my daughter and watch movies all day! Wish we could spend it with  my husband but unfortunately he has to work 🙁

It’s February already and I feel like half the year has gone by. It’s been a really rough 2016 so far, which is why I haven’t been updating at all. I don’t want to get into any detail but what I can say is this – my frame of mind has gone from worrying too much about the future to living in the present and taking things day by day. It’s just not worth it mentally to constantly worry about things you can’t change. Think positive. Keep those you love close to your heart. Appreciate every single day.

I know it sounds cliché but keeping it simple is really what it’s all about.

Much love & Happy Valentine’s Day!