Autumn is just around the corner and I can smell the pumpkins spices in my mind already! I love the fall and the colors that go with it here in New England. I especially love the fact that cold weather means death to mosquitoes! I’m not sure if anyone really checks out my blog but as you can see, I’ve been pretty terrible at keeping up with it. Between taking care of my little girl and work, it seems like the days are just zipping by.

I think it’s important to constantly learn new skills (my husband and my wallet beg to differ!) so my next endeavor will be sign-making. I absolutely love vintage-looking signs and thought, hey, I can make them! So be on the look out for new stuff in my Etsy shop once I get things rolling. As for RedBubble – I would eventually like to move my stuff from there on to my own storefront..but that involves getting all the proper equipment and whatnot for customizing shirts, stickers, etc.

Well that’s it for now,