Sugar paste model head

Sugar paste model head (sorry for the potato quality photo)

model head 3/4 view

model head 3/4 view

As my husband can tell you, I go through cycles when it comes to hobbies. Once I get interested, I usually spend days and weeks researching, then getting tools and supplies for whatever creative endeavor I’m trying out.

To be honest, I had a Kohl’s coupon and was browsing online to see what sort of kitchen appliance I could get (which by the way is still this powerhorse immersion blender *hint* hint* nudge* nudge* dear husband :)) As I scrolled through their site, I came across a cake decorating kit…and that’s how it started. There’s a huge community for cake decorating/sugar modeling and I’ve only scraped the surface. That being said, here is my first attempt at a sugar paste figurine. I’m still working on the rest of her but decided to take a picture of my progress.

First I sketched out what I wanted the scene to be (which I’ll have in a future post). I mixed fondant with some gum paste then made a basic head shape. I added the nose a day later then tonight I put the rest of the hair and face on. The hair & flower was made with a Makin’s Clay Extruder and the face was painted on with Wilton Edible Food Markers. I want to eventually try the Americolor pens since they have good reviews but the Wilton’s were the only edible markers available at Micheal’s. The cheeks were accented with pink food powder. Luckily I already had a lot of different tools for the modeling, not so much for the cake baking.

It’s a good challenge so far and I’m having fun, which is what matters I suppose. I can really only mess around with this at night since I spend most of the day taking care of Ava and working/cleaning. Slowly but surely it will be finished!

Next post related to this will have better pictures I promise.

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