Front view of Girl and her Dog sugar paste sculpture


View of Girl sugar paste sculpture


View of Dog sugar paste sculpture


Rear view of Girl and her Dog sugar paste sculptureHere are pictures of my first finished sugar paste model(s). It was fun learning how to put it together and there were definitely some things I would have done differently such as not put the hair on her head before attaching it to the body. That was a pain! Her arms were also originally straight and supported by lollipop sticks but I found floral wire to be an awesome material to use instead, just don’t eat it.

My initial sketch was of a baby (Ava) and George our Saint Bernard who was drying off in that typical dog manner. Obviously things changed along the way…

Girl and her Dog sketch

Girl and her Dog sketch

I do like working with sugar paste (ie: fondant/gum paste), it’s a bit different than polymer clay. Once the dye is worked into the paste it doesn’t rub off on your hands/other clay like polymer, so that’s a plus. With polymer you have to have a bottle of hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol to constantly clean tools and your hands. The downfall to sugar paste is that it takes a while to dry but it’s well worth the wait.

I have some more ideas for sculptures and will post them as I’m done sculpting (in between sketching other things of course)!