Cold WeatherI remember when I was a youngin’, snow days were the best. When we lived in Maine there was a huge blizzard and my brother and I spent the whole day building a giant snow fort. We built snow slides off the back deck and other various snowmageddon things. He even convinced me that you could start a tornado in the snow by lighting a match. Yup I was pretty gullible.

Snow days were great because that dreaded science test you were supposed to take was replaced by watching cartoons and drinking hot cocoa. Having a snowman building contest. Doing nothing at half-past whatever. It was especially sweet when it landed on a Friday.

Yes, there were plenty of snow days living in the north. I’ll have to admit though, I can’t remember ever having a day off of school due to extreme cold weather – but maybe that just varied from school to school. When I heard about school cancellations the other day I could only imagine how stoked those kids must have been.

I DO remember, however, calling up my middle school and asking if they were going to cancel school because of rain. RAIN! Not even torrential rain, just heavy rain. If the laughter on the other end of the line were an indication of how stupid I sounded, well…

Ah, cringe-inducing memories.